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Production Planning Module


MSF Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

MSF has Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution for enterprises that is a fully integrated and helps to collect and analyze all shop floor production data like machine, employee, material, quality management and other process in real time.

MSF MES helps to enterprise to make machines, materials and products “smart” and connected for having the ability of Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and Digitalization their production process. 

MSF MES can be used such in automotive, plastics, metals, electronics, steel, packaging as well as chemical, food and beverage industries.

The functionality of MSF includes shop floor basic and advanced scheduling, machine and order data, material and production, goods movement management. MSF provides employee related data time and attendance for personnel scheduling. Quality management function collects data starting from receiving material to in production inspection like scrap or rework with causes. MSF makes all shop floor data to produce analytic KPI reports which are shown on MSF Report & Analysis module. Collected data is shown not only as KPI report as visualization of data, but also alerts and notifications, integration to their enterprise systems, forms, dashboards, collaboration and data analytics.

MSF can be easily integrated all ERPs in industry and all kind of shop floor equipment. Beneficial of this integration capability makes any enterprises easy to integrate shop floor level management system, with this MSFs modular structure provides flow information seamless in real time and at the end MSF gives powerful functions for production environment.

Enterprises with MSF MES can trace and monitor all production orders with their operations in real time that can be transferred orders from its like ERP system, generate production orders, split orders or operations, log in/out employee, configurable panel dialogs easy to collect data and support Kanban systems.

MSF MES acts as a master layer from the bottom-up, meaning from the equipment interfaces and IoT to the layers above. MSF MES collects along the production cycle of bringing the detailed data to the cloud. Then MSF MES acts more strategically to top-down with computed data. It means that data comes from the shop-floor processes that determine whether the company makes a profit or not. MSF MES orchestrates the lower-level equipment and devices in alignment with these value-adding processes. Since the ultimate goal of MSF is to guarantee productivity increases, this occurs through processes. Thus, manufacturers achieve consistent quality of products through quality of processes and quick introduction of new products through efficient processes across departments.

MSF Advanced Planning System (APS)

MSF Advanced Planning System (APS) consists of three functions: Real Time Production Monitoring, Production Auto Schedule and Labor Auto Schedule Functions.

Production environment on shop floor, it can be observed production changes in real time like machine status and material details. MSF real time monitoring shows all production that can be monitored by way of dynamic real-time systems that collect and process the complete range of production-related data such as quantities, process parameters, and plant and machine status.

MSF auto schedule functions in case of unacceptable deviations or discrepancies, corrective steps which may include MSF input, are automatically executed. Depending on the degree of automation, data can be directly transferred to subordinate systems.

MSF production auto scheduling optimizes machine utilization, provides computer-based rescheduling due in case of changes in priority or others, and clearly displays the process execution. Thus, it ensures on-time and optimized production runs.

The solution is that MSF provides managing the employee dynamically and flexibly in real-time using hidden capacity. In addition to this, it can be assigning job orders to workstations optimally and planning instant production status changing.

MSF labor auto schedule is a process the operation data which is transferred to the system and artificial intelligence algorithm decides the number of people to be assigned to the relevant operation. While the algorithm is deciding the number of employees for the related jobs, it uses before stated total capacities in the system, thus the job orders automatically plan to reach maximum capacity every hour. Also, employee abilities are considered when employee is selected for the related job.

MSF manages the production areas properly with an exact production auto scheduling, thus provides to increase production efficiency and flexibility, saving time spent on planning, increasing the production capacity, line balancing and revealing hidden capacity. On the other hand, as employee management is kept under control with real-time labor auto scheduling, workload balancing is provided.

MSF Material Requirement Plan (MRP) System

MSF Material Requirement Plan (MRP) is a part of production order which has a list of the raw materials or components, quantities, time, and steps required to manage the production or assembly of finished goods.

When the planners plan the product to be produced, if the raw materials to be used are only procured and the production will be carried out, an appropriate MRP is created. However, sometimes the products to be produced are included in the MRP plan, the materials to be produced and become components, and the purchased raw materials are included in the MRP.

The shortest lead time to be created in the planning and the most optimal “routing” planning that will not create a bottleneck in the inclusion of the components to be produced in the “parent” product is the problem that planners should cope with.

MSF MRP helps to process a production order with sales order by turning various components or raw materials into a finished product by making use of machinery and labor. Also, MSF MRP allows enterprise to group individual sales items in stock to sell a ‘parent’ product composed of multiple components which are then issued from the inventory once the order is dispatched. These are for a fixed combination of items, but you’d use a sales order if the customer needs confirmation of each component or wants to alter quantities. MSF manufacturing planning module functions to creates a list of items brought together for sale at the same time and gives you the flexibility to change the quantities, swap and delete items to customize a sales order.

Once MSF MRP is done the purchase orders and production orders are created which will trigger the procurement cycle for the new components. Meanwhile the components are being procured the planner works on the shop floor routing details with the reference of MRP. Once the Purchased components have been procured then the Manufacturing Execution can be started. So, the Activities mentioned in the Shop Floor Routing is performed and the Product is built.

MSF also keeps material in reservation dedicated the respective job if stock quantity available. Or based on reorder planning, material purchase or making component function executes automatically, if quantity drops below minimum amount. 

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