We are motivated by the desire to achieve

All in One

Meta Smart Factory combines both Hardware and Software solutions.

Easy Installation

Install and start to get data from any machine (model, type, year, etc.) within 15 minutes.

Suitable Costs

No need to additional third-party implementations like sensors, PLCs, etc. That's why it has very suitable costs compared with competitors.

SAP/ERP Connection

Ables to connect to SAP/ERP, and provides real-time production data to SAP/ERP.


A Perfect Manufacturing Execution System

Meta Smart Factory Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Providing fast and accurate information at right time
Visibility of production processes with analysis
Observing power consumption based on job orders or even a single product
Full product tracking
Stock and warehouse tracking
Traceability of batches and even defected products
Visibility of maintenance issues in real time
Meta Smart Factory Flexibility


Management of customization and individual orders
Dynamic scheduling & sequencing of operations with adaptation to real source availability
Synchronization of production flow across different processes
Meta Smart Factory Efficiency


Efficiency at Quantity, Working Time, Employee, Single product cycle time, Single product cost, Single product power consumption

Reduction at scrap, waste, warranty claim, and rework costs
Improvement of product quality
Elimination of paperwork

Meta Smart Factory Productivity


Shorter production cycles
Reduction at operational inefficiencies
Increase at production quantities
Scheduling right maintenance operations which reduces costs
Regular maintenance of the machines which is determined by the indicators of the reports


Generation of fast and accurate reports based on components of manufacturing such as workstation, employee, etc.
OEE Analysis
Instant anomaly detection and giving an alert about the issue with reason
Utilization of condition-based monitoring for smart maintenance
Knowledge of real cost of the maintenance operations