The Aim of Meta Smart Factory

             The main goal of Meta Smart Factory (MSF) is to ensure effective manufacturing execution operations and improve production outputs with high tech hardware and software architecture based on IIot, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence.

          MSF targets increasing productivity, increasing supply chain profitability, improving quality, lower costs, decreasing delivery times, improving employee satisfaction/morale, reducing employee turnover rate by implementing continuous improvement environment.

A bridge between Production Plant and Management


            In classical manufacturing systems, there is a step for data collection between production plant and management. In this step, required data is collected by documents which are recorded by people and analyzed to generate reports. However, all this process leads to loss of time, energy and so money. Also, these systems are always open to mistakes due to human intervention.

            Meta Smart Factory, on the other hand, removes data collection step and provides a real-time connection between production plant and management. In this way, human intervention is removed, mistakes are minimized, productivity is maximized and benefits are gained in every aspect.


Real-Time Management

Data collection and processing

Full monitoring of all operations

Planning and scheduling

Production tracking

Maintenance control and plan

Anomaly detection

OEE analysis

Power consumption and analysis based on single product

Reports based on workstation, employee, machine, etc.

Smart Production Management







Power Consumption