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How Meta Smart Factory Works?

The Aim of META Smart Factory

The main goal of Meta Smart Factory (MSF) is ensuring effective manufacturing execution operations and improve production outputs with high tech hardware and software architecture based on IIoT, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence.

MSF targets increasing productivity, increasing supply chain profitability, improving quality, lower costs, decreasing delivery times, improving employee satisfaction/morale, reducing employee turnover rate by implementing continuous improvement environment.

How To Take Opportunities In 90 Days within MSF Industry 4.0?

The MSF approach is mainly about solving production bottlenecks and getting the best result by using the best solution to ensure the best possible productivity in the production process.

MSF is open-minded to adapt to any workshop planning scenario and its innovative approach makes it very competitive in this area.

First of all, a customer is asked some questions to understand the production process issues and the factory’s intent. MSF works 2 to 4 weeks to make the best scenario for solving problems and to create a simulation demo to present to customer decision makers if the solution can solve production process problems. The scenario prepared is run as a demo and presented to the customer and after accepting the step forward, MSF starts to prepare design of integration.

Secondly, depending on the needs of the customer, MSF steps the implementation phase, which can take 1 month for integration and 2-6 months for MSF modules, depending on the Planning & Scheduling (2-3 months), Warehouse Management (2-3 months) options.

MSF then installs the hardware and software real implementation to start the Implementation Phase for the 90-day use MSF system daily. Before starting this period, all production KPI data is copied for comparation. During this period, MSF is in the contact with customer as much as possible for best integration and best resolution. If necessary, usage feedback or integration problems are resolved by the parties.

At the end of the 90-day implementation period, the customer can see what the difference is between the productivity starting point and the MSF solution. MSF does not need to invest extra in the factory environment, retrieves all the data with its hardware, is processed on the web cloud and displays it in real-time reports. Thus, decision makers can enlighten how to get real productivity figures that will be the best and affordable at a given time.

Upgrading to Smart Factory Process

Real-Time Data Collection

Real-time visibility into order status as job progress through the factory. A real-time plant floor dashboard is shown on MSF web page in real-time. In manufacturing, owners money is made on the shop floor. Because; accuracy, real-time visibility into your production and factory floor is a critical component of the modern manufacturing environment.

The MSF Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is a core component of the complete MSF MES and ERP solution and can also be purchased as a stand alone system to be integrated with your existing ERP system to increase visibility and transparency into every aspect of your manufacturing operation.

Real time data such as machine running, standby, stop, overload, malfunction, scrap, waiting, setup, production, maintenance, signals, machine statuses, sensor measurements is collected by our fully automated, artificial-intelligent, smart devices.

Advanced Production Planning & Scheduling

Arranging, controlling and optimizing work and workloads in a production process or manufacturing process.

Scheduling is used to allocate plant and machinery resources, plan human resources, plan production processes and purchase materials.

When dealing with a high volume of work orders, it can become difficult to be managing who is getting assigned what, and the combination of needing to schedule based on past work history can be time-consuming with a weaker MSF software (or a manual process).

A good MSF software will be able to automate most of this process from beginning to end.

Production Management

MSF is designed to keep your shop floor running at the most optimal levels. For example, MSF software can plan and automatically load your schedule, taking into account material constraints, Bill of Material(BOM) complexity, planning processes, tooling conflicts and priority orders, while simultaneously evaluating the resources required to meet demand and allow for unplanned events.

MSF software can optimize your batch quantities through minimum and maximum run sizes, multiples of designations and time fences to eliminate unnecessary teardowns and resets and optimize production runs.

With the MSF software’s real-time, automatic production monitoring module collecting data at each work center, you can catch and respond to defect issues before they require costly re-runs.

Production orders and job orders are delivered to the machines and operators in real-time without any paper as fully automated.

Line Management & Finding Bottlenecks

Production lines can be managed by counting input and output materials for each workstation, working groups. Buffer quantities are traced and evaluated in real time. Machine statuses can be updated according to all line scenarios.

Identifying the areas where accumulation occurs, evaluating the throughput and starvings, assessing whether each machine is being used at full capacity, and finding the machine with the high wait time.

Inventory Management

In addition to unrivaled manufacturing intelligence, MSF also offers detailed inventory tracking (material and part movements, levels and consumption), a comprehensive suite of quality tools (integrated Life Cycle Management , Statistical Process Control, etc.), production traceability, tracking and genealogy, business activity monitoring (production alerts and KPI (Key Performance Indicators)) and 6 sigma lean manufacturing tools.

Maintenance Management

Predictive, preventive, breakdown and corrective maintenance is continuously traced and managed in real-time.
Maintenance team can respond to malfunctions immediately.

For the factories heavily invested in equipment assets, ensuring the operational health of its equipment is one of its key business success factors. It’s critical to the enterprise to lower the overall cost of maintenance while improving productivity through equipment availability. MSF computerized maintenance management software systems provide a best solution.

Quality Management

A business that provides top-notch goods and services has a large impact on customer satisfaction and retention. Limiting breakdowns is critically important to reducing cycle times. The speed of your delivery is a business differentiator, as equipment kept in sub-standard condition yields inferior products and services.

If you manufacture for an industry that is heavily regulated and requires you to meet certain quality standards, MSF can greatly assist in that area. With lot and serial traceability, audit tools, electronic signatures and document control, MSF software systems are invaluable with audits and high level compliance. MSF packages come in various levels of sophistication and price.

Each raw material, semi-finished product, finish product, purchased product must be subject to the quality process. Thus, customer satisfaction will be at the highest level.

Labor Management

A time and attendance of MSF system factory will give it the information needed to stay on top of employee activity. It will be able to monitor labor costs, productivity, scheduling and overtime allowing he/she to identify upcoming issues before they occur. If It have employees located on a job site, a time and attendance system will allow he/she to monitor their hours. This information will then allow he/she to determine their productivity and ensure that he/she is making a profit on the job. If factory manufacture widgets, a time tracking system will allow it to track what each staff member is doing.

Activity information will in-turn allow it to make adjustments to tasks assigned to individual staff members and ensure that its productivity is maximized.

Employee roles, shifts, capabilities, groups are managed. Production effectiveness is increased by planning appropriate employees to the available jobs in real-time and advanced employee reports at the same time.

Analytics & Reporting

MSF is one of the most advanced process monitoring tools that track process data including item numbers, workcenter details, lot numbers, dates and time, etc, to shop floor machine data collection (such as planned versus actual production, unplanned downtime, real-time production quality, and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)). MSF has the tools to help you control costs and proactively make informed decisions.

All data collecting from each element of a production is deeply analyzed and evaluated to get OEE and KPI reports for production, machines, workstations, workcenters, employees, scraps, stops, power consumption to increase production effectiveness.

Full Automation

Eventually, all warehouses, machines, labors, materials, orders and operations are fully automated and traced in the plants from beginning to the end .