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Manufacturing Execution System

MSF has a fully integrated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution for businesses that helps to collect and analyze all production data in real-time, such as machinery, employees, materials, quality management, and other processes, from purchasing to all production processes. Today, the dissemination of digitalization in old/new or manual or machine production areas with a focus on efficient production opens new horizons in the world of production.

MSF MES helps organizations to “smart” and connect machines, materials, and products simultaneously with all relevant departments at every stage of their production process so that they have the capability of Smart Manufacturing and Digitization on the basis of Industry 4.0. 

MSF MES can be successfully used in all industries such as automotive, plastics, metals, electronics, steel, and packaging, as well as in all production areas such as the chemical, food, and beverage industries.

MSF’s functionality includes shop floor basic and advanced scheduling, machine and order data, materials and production, and goods movement management, with advanced planning capability. MSF uses a special skill matrix for personnel planning and assigns a job in accordance with the relevant skill data. For the quality management function such as scrap or reworkable materials that occur during production, records, and reporting of the processes of including the rework material into the production to make it functional again, starting from the material purchase, are provided.

Reporting is not only the display of good, scrap, or rework materials in production but also important reports such as OEE (overall equipment efficiency) reports are displayed live. This display is done by covering all production data and showing analytical KPI reports in the MSF Report and Analysis module. The collected data can also be transferred to the relevant units with warnings and notifications, integrated into the factory’s own corporate systems, transferred to forms, and dashboards as desired and displayed as data analytics.

MSF MES eliminates the use of paper, thanks to the software it uses and digitization, by including all the functions in production. If desired, it can be installed on-premise in the use of the system, but since cloud solutions are a more preferred method today, all kinds of calculations and data storage can be done securely on the web without requiring additional investment using this method.

Since MSF software has open-source code, it can be easily integrated into any ERP system and workshop equipment in the industry. The advantage of this integration capability is that it can be easily integrated into any enterprise’s own system, and at the same time, thanks to the modular structure of this MSF, data exchange from the integrated system is provided uninterruptedly in real-time. At the end of this, MSF provides a powerful real-time display of accurate data for the production environment.

With MSF MES, businesses can track and monitor all production orders and operations that can be transferred from their own ERP systems in real-time, create production orders, split orders or processes, and support employee login/log out. This data can be used as reconfigurable dialogs and kanban visual outputs. The widely used kanban, also available in MSF MES, is a visual method for controlling production as part of real-time and lean manufacturing which the system shows what and when will be produced.

MSF MES acts as a bottom-up master layer, from equipment interfaces to management layers. MSF MES collects data throughout the production cycle to accumulate detailed data in the cloud. MSF MES then creates detailed data analysis with calculated data in accordance with the product strategy and displays it in reports. This allows the data to instantly monitor the company’s production status and efficiency.

MSF MES, data from the relevant layers are used in planning and production in line with the company’s value-added processes. Since MSF’s ultimate goal is to increase productivity through digitalization with the Ind.4.0 understanding, this goal can be achieved holistically through data from all production processes. Thus, manufacturers ensure product quality at the same time, thanks to traceability and transparency in production. Automatically created notifications and confirms between departments prevent unnecessary waiting and contribute positively to the acceleration and delivery of production through fast processes.

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