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Labor Management

Labor Management

MSF allows the creation of a skill matrix to assign machines and jobs according to the abilities of the employees. These capabilities are used in planning. In the production orders created with the skill matrix in the MSF Workforce Management module, the work performance of the worker is monitored and reported.

This performance also contributes to the formation of excellence in production by closely relating the quality disruptions caused by the reasons for planned or unplanned downtimes that are directly related to the production environment, material transfers, production stoppages due to planned or unplanned maintenance, and measuring the amount of scrap or rework in production.

By synchronizing labor with other production functions, it prevents unnecessary waste of time with instant notifications, and MSF Labor Management allows you to generate comparative reports to show how this time can be increased to the workforce and your critical job operations, and therefore to your productivity.

MSF Workforce Management collects data throughout your manufacturing operations in real-time. These data keep records of time and effort integrated into all operations, these records create data to apply according to the company’s payment and working rules. Therefore, this results in a reduction in labor and administrative costs.

Since these data are created by eliminating manual processes thanks to digitalization, it provides the opportunity to automatically monitor and manage labor processes in production in order to save time and increase productivity.

MSF workforce management associates specific workforce activities with the most productively measured data in production using advanced analytical methods to best use employee performance in planning. It provides real-time visibility into employee engagement and availability to better respond to daily production needs, automate and simplify the production of reports for other systems, and capture workforce information as part of traceability and genealogy requirements.

MSF workforce management also assists in automated workforce planning, a process in operation, using artificial intelligence algorithm, and also decides the workforce to be assigned to the relevant operation. The algorithm uses the total capacities in the system when deciding the amount of labor for the respective jobs. Thus, work orders are automatically scheduled to reach maximum capacity.

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