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Case Studies – Machining Industry

Machining Industry

Company Needs

MES solution has to be customized to specific needs of each company. On the other hand, this needs to be reflected to common logic and language for communication of data architecture in different hardware and software. Therefore, the best MES solution has to cover all factory needs with easy customization and application in affordable solution.

META MES solution provides;

• Easy adaptation to manufacturer needs to tailor their shop floor and management level environment. And also has can adapt new data processing tasks if it is needed, thanks to provide open interface and support capability.

• Reliability, scalability and fast response times with enabling clear interface across in its functions.

• React easily and fast directly support when event driven communication needed in manufacturing domain.

• Fast system reaction buffering routing data and production at several layers in factory architecture.

• Communication with back-end runs through buffers to make the production independent from availability of any ERP.

• Providing persistent data storage solution for components on different hardware in shop.

• Lightweight footprint and need little IT support with avoiding cost of managing a complex system.


The customer is manufacturing various, precise components for the car industry and machine production. It deployed META MES solution on production line. Line was up to couple weeks with spending very low and affordable price after initial pilot deployment a month period. They were able to use in pilot deployment to be worth of its value and fit of the solution within their factory. Factory managers reported minimal disruption to integrate enterprise resources.

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