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Material Requirement Plan System

In MSF, the Material Requirements Plan (MRP) in the product tree is part of a production order that contains a list of raw materials, processed materials or components, quantities, how long it will take to produce, and steps needed to manage the production or assembly of finished products.

While the product to be produced is planned in MSF planning, if the raw materials to be used are only purchased and produced, an MRP is created accordingly. However, sometimes MRP can be created in a way that consists of many steps and transforms the semi-finished product between machines into different materials. All these production steps are included in MRP in a way that complements each other. The final product is obtained by using the materials in the MRP in accordance with the production order.

The most important problem that planners have to deal with is to obtain the shortest delivery time to be created in the planning and at the same time to include the components to be produced in the “main” product and to make the most optimal “routing” planning that will not create a bottleneck in their production. At this point, the correctness of all material, machine and labor data will ensure that the production is completed correctly and on time. When the recording errors in this data in production and the delays in the operation of the paper-based departments that are different from each other are added, it creates a reducing effect on the productivity that starts even before planning in production. At this point, thanks to MSF’s unique software, which enables real-time data to be transferred to digital media at every stage of production and used in planning and therefore production, this loss can easily be transformed into efficiency.

MSF MRP transforms various components or raw materials into a final product using machinery and labor. It performs this in accordance with MRP, starting from the sales order, in purchasing, warehousing, reservation in the warehouse, transferring reservations to sequential operations, processing in machines, storage of the final product until delivery. In this way, it helps to produce a production order with instant data, starting from the sales order. The MSF production planning module functions to simultaneously generate a list of items put together for sale. It gives you the flexibility to customize a sales order to change quantities, modify and delete items if needed. Thus, it is ensured that possible MRP changes are reflected in production when requested.

Once MSF MRP is done the purchase orders and production orders are created which will trigger the procurement cycle for the new components. Meanwhile the components are being procured the planner works on the shop floor routing details with the reference of MRP. Once the Purchased components have been procured then the Manufacturing Execution can be started. So, the Activities mentioned in the Shop Floor Routing is performed and the Product is built.

MSF also keeps this material on reservation for the relevant job if stocks are available. Or due to reorder planning, if the quantity falls below the minimum quantity, the function of purchasing materials or making components is automatically executed. This process continues automatically as long as the sales order continues and continues to assign warehouse reservation quantities to the specified jobs. 

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