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Automatic Dispatching Management


Dispatching and warehouse management doing very well is one of the most important factors in increasing productivity in manufactories. In fact, one of the biggest problems of many firms is not managing this process correctly. Generally, all processes from goods receipt to goods issue are managed manually by firms. The manual management makes tracing goods movement difficult in manufactory and causes production delays.

On the other hand, tracing goods’ movement real-timely can prevent possible production delays, material waiting of machines, and delivery delays. This real-time tracking is supported by automatic notifications by the system and thus, dispatching in the manufactory becomes stable.

Scenario & Solution

The solution that MSF provides is real-time tracking of dispatching movements from goods receipt to goods issue via notifications. The movement of dispatchers includes real-time monitoring and on each transport movement, notifications are created automatically by the system. Dispatchers confirm the notifications and then goods are transported to required locations.

As shown in the figure above, first of all, goods receipt notifications are created automatically for the purchase order of the raw materials and then they are confirmed when they are received to the incoming warehouse of the manufactory from the supplier. Now, production order notifications are created automatically for the production order, to make sure that the raw materials are transferred to the workstation at the right time before the production starts. And then, on-site transfer notifications are created automatically to notify the dispatching unit when the semi-products are completed.

Notifications are confirmed when the transfers are completed to the other machine. In these steps, if there are any scrap products, a scrap notification is created automatically for the defective products to be sent to the scrap warehouse. At the same time, notifications are created automatically when the production order is completed so that the final product will be transferred to the final product warehouse.

The last step is that good issue notification are created automatically for the completed products to be delivered to the customer at the right time.


MSF provides automatic dispatching and real-time monitoring of the products in the manufactory. In addition to these, MSF provides the transport of products without any waiting to the required place by dispatchers.

As notifications are created automatically in each dispatching movement, the production area is taken under the control real-timely by the system.

Products are monitored from goods receipt to goods issue real-timely and thus, problems such as delivery delays, production delays, and missing material on the workstation are eliminated.


The entry of the products to the warehouse and exit of the products from the warehouse can be traceable thanks to MSF automatic dispatching. On-site transfer in-firm which are based on production order notification and sales order notifications are suitable to trace easily.

Using MSF automatic dispatching offers an advantage to see the big picture on all dispatching movements. With real-time and accurate information, dispatching processes are managed automatically.

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