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MSF – Smart IO Device

META Smart I / O Device

META Smart I/O device is an all-round unique electronic card that is used for receiving any analog or digital data from workstations or other devices. Received data is converted to digital big data and streamed to: META Panel PC, server or other devices. It is designed to work with any analog or digital industrial sensors.




  • 8 x digital inputs (4 of them for High Speed Counter)
  • 4 digital high-speed counters inputs
  • 2 x fixed 4x20mA analog inputs
  • 2 x adjustable 0-10V / 0-5V / 4-20 mA / 0-20 mA analog inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 2 220v 3A Relay outputs
  • 1 x I2C input for vibration sensor
  • 1 x RS485 input, Modbus RTU / ASCII
  • 1 x Ethernet input, Modbus TCP / IP


META Smart I / O can collect various types of data simultaneously. If connected with Meta Panel PC, all of the values can be displayed in Panel PC application in real-time. 

Extra functionalities:

– META Smart I / O card can be used as an external PLC to digitalize old machine without PLC or machines with inaccessible/locked PLC. If you want to digitalize workstation, you can do it in various ways: digital signals, sensor signals, …

– The I/O card can function either together with an additional HMI panel or independently as a standalone card, collecting data and transmitting it to the server via Ethernet.

– Additional safety feature to prevent loss of data. Card can be additionally powered with external 12V adapter. It can be also powered with microUSB port in parallel. If data connection to server/HMI is lost, card will continue to store data until connection is restored. 

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