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Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

The MSF Maintenance System module contributes to uninterrupted production by adding maintenance operations to the calendar in production planning, so that maintenance operations and production operations are evaluated together.

MSF establishes a maintenance strategy to manage the maintenance process, and maintenance plans are created based on these strategies. Thus, it lists the plans in the desired calendar interval, and when the time comes, it opens an automatic notification for the relevant maintenance operation and turns it into a maintenance order.

When the plan is created, it ensures that the materials that will be needed are purchased and the material is ready on the day of the maintenance by creating an automatic purchase order to reserve them for that maintenance operation.

All these processes require good coordination with other departments. However, thanks to MSF’s digitization of all production steps, this coordination can be done easily thanks to real-time data from all relevant units. Information on the causes of machine downtime is used to optimize the planning of maintenance activities and align it as much as possible with production activities. Downtime reasons are processed in real-time along with the reasons taken from the machines.

In addition to the known maintenance periods provided by the manufacturers in maintenance planning, the concept of predictive maintenance has become important in terms of the continuity of the health of the machines today. Accordingly, efficiency trends related to heat, humidity, vibration or current data to be obtained from machines can be monitored, machine health can be closely monitored, and accordingly, unplanned machine malfunctions can be prevented.

For these reasons, in addition to production-related ones, when downtime occurs due to a malfunction, this breakdown happens and automatically opens a notification or the operator can report an additional maintenance failure without stopping the machine. In this case, a notification will be opened automatically.

Thus, the time starts for the maintenance team to intervene directly on this machine. For these unplanned maintenance operations, the machine is put back into production after the intervention of the experts determined for that machine beforehand.

MSF generates many maintenance reports, such as the duration of this intervention, the frequency of machine failures, and the productive time interval between two failures. The MSF maintenance module is designed to notify planners or managers of machine status when the machine breaks down for maintenance, using operators’ maintenance notifications. At the same time, having all this information about planned maintenance, MSF ensures that appropriate measures are taken to minimize the impact on scheduled maintenance planning activities.

MSF Maintenance System Module generates data for basic maintenance activities including corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance by using the data it receives from measurement points to keep the machines healthy.

The MSF Maintenance System Module performs these activities based on equipment master record details through management to plan maintenance tasks, and use workflow notifications and work orders under maintenance order management.

MSF maintenance function, in conjunction with other modules; performs a series of operational steps that will result in the notification, work order creation, purchase requisition for work orders, purchase and parts receipts to Work Orders, then approval of the planned Work Order when ready, scheduling and initiation of the Work Order, Execution of the Work Order, and Closing the Work Order. 

As a result of these processes, MSF ensures the health of machines to improves machine uptime through proactive or predictive maintenance planning and programming, reduces the total cost of ownership of machines by preventing machine breakdowns, and to increase occupational safety and environmental compatibility.

The MSF Maintenance System Module also provides maintenance activity reports such as Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time To Failure (MTBF) showing the analyzed maintenance performances on each machine and maintenance group.

MSF MTTR can help to start investigating the root causes of failures and move towards a solution. MSF MTBF reports, on the other hand, give an estimate of the time between the inherent failure of a piece of machinery during normal operating hours and how long a piece of equipment has been operating uninterruptedly. MTBF analysis helps maintenance departments strategize on how to reduce the time between failures and together MTBF and MTTR determine uptime. Thus, a factory with a more efficient machine will ensure that the most optimal production can be realized with machines that contribute to more production.

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