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What has included our consultancy?

Our basic consultancy service is to equip all areas related to production with appropriate solutions that will digitize the interaction in real-time in production facilities on the basis of industry 4.0. The data collected thanks to digitalization can be transformed into production plans that will increase efficiency and productivity with various algorithms and artificial intelligence methods, thanks to secure cloud solutions. In this way, the best production result can be suggested with real data that will enable the invisible capacities of the factories to be transformed into production.

Thanks to advanced planning and scheduling, solutions that will react quickly to changes in priorities are offered when necessary, and the best solution can be created by applying scenarios such as “if” and “if” thanks to advanced simulation applications. Thus, which method will produce the best production way in the most appropriate way can be determined by means of digitization.

The most essential and inevitable thing here is to guarantee the contribution of every production player in the digital environment. From manual to the robot, from excel spreadsheets to computer programs, this area is the starting point of digitizing or integrating the existing entity of each related person into a whole formation.

These collected data, called big data, are then sent to each of the teams in production, production, transportation, planning, purchasing, etc., with the accepted planning method, after calculations. It returns to all fields as orders. Another critical issue is the execution of these newly produced production orders. It is using the system and implementing the plans by all concerned, from the machine worker to the planning management or the factory manager.

Consultant Method

MSF expertise identifies areas to be digitized, at what level, and how by reviewing and on-site observation of the current work of each party involved in production. Then it determines the most suitable and lean method. For this, it receives detailed information (rooting, bill of material, product tree, etc.) about the current production. It shares them with the relevant parties compared to the simulation over a scenario.

A project is created, a pilot scenario is implemented in the field for 1-2 months with real data, the results are discussed, the areas that will be improved and lean production can be included in the project and the implementation is started. In the pilot application, starting from the operator at the machine, the relevant people are trained on the use of the system, then the application is made and they get used to it.

Since all production stages from purchasing to delivery will be digitalized, the users themselves see that awareness is created with instant displays, thus enabling the factory personnel to have a more careful, more efficient, and more productive working environment with a more analytical view.

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