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MSF ERP Integration

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a type of software or system used in a factory to plan and manage daily production processes. Since ERP is used in production planning processes, while MSF digitizes production modules as a whole, such as inventory management, machine/personnel availability, it is an important requirement to include ERP in the digital chain along with these functions. It is not at all difficult for the MSF team and software to obtain information from the existing ERP systems used by the factories prior to digitalization or, on the contrary, to provide mutual information flow by adding them.

The more automation performed, the greater the efficiency increase. Thus, it is ensured that there is no dark spot in production. MSF-ERP integration means connecting the existing interdepartmental data of ERP to the digitized production processes of MSF. As a result, it helps streamline processes across various departments and workflows, while virtually eliminating the amount of manual input required and freeing up time saved in production.

An ERP system covers all departments and resources of a company, while a merchandise management system concentrates primarily on goods, raw materials, materials and their storage. Due to the variety of tasks, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is usually much more complex than a standard planning management system.

This central role includes triggering the next step to be taken by the relevant department. The main advantage of MSF ERP is the Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) module. This module uses not only the machine, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) capacity, but also the labor force called Skill Matrix with material reservations. If the production process does not have real-time machine material and labor data, work efficiency cannot be planned, MFS ERP can do it. MSF ERP uses unique AI algorithms, from raw or process material to delivery as final product to the customer. By digitizing all workshop process flows, MSF ERP makes planning easily by comparing Employee-Workstation relations with real-time performance data using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Thanks to MSF open source software, integration process is easy, flexible to integrate to other parties. MSF team come together with customer IT team to make understand data with parties. This can take couple days to integrate both, then MSF team test it in order to check the data is correct both side. ERP integration is automatic and ensuring that the correct information is shared correctly between the two shared systems.

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