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MSF ERP Integration


Integration with existing ERP

MSF can integrate with all well known ERPs and local smaller ones. For ERPs that we already did integration with, we have scripts to make integration faster. This means first stage of integration (reading) can be done in less than one day. If integration has not being done, usually it takes 2-5 days for integration to be completed. 

MSF has already done integration with almost all big brand ERPs, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, … and many smaller ones. 

As far as the integration goes, first stage is reading the data, second stage is sending the data. For sending the data back to ERP, MSF is using highest safety standards to protect the data and constant two-way communication. Integration can be done directly with DB or with Rest API (pull or push).  

Upon alaysing the data, if any crucial data for successful usage of the MSF software is missing, hybrid usage is also an option, meaning the missing data can be available in the MSF application only. 


ERP integration philosophy

MSF’s philosophy is not to force clients to change their existing working style because people are very reluctant to change their established habits. Therefore, it is crucial that MSF integrates with the existing ERP and not force customer to obey MSF structure in order to get wanted results. 

ERP integration is one of the first stages of cooperation and is usually done during the PoC. Besides integration, MSF can also integrate with all key systems to the MSF platform. This way, the integrated data can be used to further leverage the system and optimise processes. At later stages, additional efforts can be made to simplify or accelerate any relevant processes or procedures in order to optimize and decrease operational time.

One of the key advantages over all other Smart Factory solution providers is that MSF software can be fully customised to suit the way each company works. There are no limitations on the customizations, MSF can fully customise its software to be designed specifically for the customer’s needs. Also, the customer is not required to change their ERP since MSF solution can be used just as a plugin to customer existing solutions.
Preparing for the project – steps:
Many customers express concern over the reliability of their data, often saying they don’t have enough or good data. While it’s true that good data is essential for successful projects, it’s important to note that no company has perfect data. Some companies have better data than others, but none have it all.
However, the missing of good data should not discourage companies from starting their projects. MSF experts can help identify data mistakes, and companies are always optimizing and correcting their data throughout the cooperation process. Therefore, having bad data should not be seen as a reason to avoid starting a project, if this is the main concert for the company.

MSF production ERP – small, but effective

MSF ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software system that provides integrated management of business processes and resources within an organization. For manufacturing sector, MSF ERP is designed to manage and streamline manufacturing operations, including production planning, scheduling, inventory management, order management (sales and purchase), labor management, cost management, and quality control. Comparing to other ERPs, MSF ERP has it’s limitations because MSF focus in mainly process optimization with clients existing ERP. But although it manages all related to production and supply chain, it does not manage finance, accounting, procurement, marketing, ecommerce and CRM. On the other hand, it is possible to generate different reports from MSF ERP and use them for external accounting applications or services. And one more bonus, MSF ERP can be used by unlimited users.



– Can behave like a plugin for existing ERP 
– Can be alternative to your existing ERP
– Decreasing user licenses from existing ERP
– Fully customizable to decrease operational time
– Elimination of the amount of manual input required and freeing up time saved in production.
– No excel needed or at least decreasing of it’s usage, but can still export to excel files
– Fewer clicks, everything is linked, no need to copy/paste between different programs
– ERP focused for production
– Reports generation included
– Cloud or on-premise
– Unlimited users (no per user licenses)
– Fast integration with existing ERP
– Can cover different organizations and locations in the same platform
– Real-time, deeper and clear overview of shop-floor and processes
– Full visibility and control over the manufacturing business
– Full MSF support during integration and consultancy on the data

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