Meta Smart Factory Modules

SAP Integration

The SAP agent enables integration between SAP and other non-SAP applications. This reduces multiple stand-alone applications into one application. The modules of SAP Integration are:

Combined order

Goods receipt




Transfer movements



PO operations

Production order

Batch Management

This module uniquely specifies batches produced during production run and controls batch stocks with different specifications. This provides traceability in case of complaint and recall issue, search via expiration date and correct usage of batches which fit a specific requirement.

Operation / Detailed Sequencing

This module helps to make an operation sequencing list by planning the orders of operations according to the process stages and workstation structure, considering the priority, setup time, etc. It also enables to check the progress status of the operation during the process.

Resource Allocation and Status

This module provides management of the entire manufacturing process on time and on budget. It allows controlling employee, production, stocks to balance priorities and needs. This easiness maximizes the effective use of limited resources and improves productivity.

Dispatching Production Unit

This unit enables to access and manage the delivery of the products by checking stock on hand, allocation of work in process, etc. It uses an invoice system such that after each operation the invoice of the product is updated. These improve the operability to control the capacity of delivery date order and management of time due to the calculation of invoices.

Performance Analysis

This module serves to analyze system activities by modeling graphics, indicators for representatives of the system. It also shows concurrency, resource constraints, and process dependencies accurately. This helps decision-makers to use the information given by the system to interpret performance correctly.

Plant Maintenance (PM)

This module helps to maintain systems and equipment by inspecting their actual condition, applying preventive maintenance to keep ideal condition, and repairing when a breakdown occurs. It also allows to manage maintenance and repair activities by planning labor, required materials and costs.

Process Management

This module provides analysis, optimization, monitor and control to various processes of manufacturing such as production order structure, goods consumption, goods receipt in every production step. This improves the performance of interdependent processes.

Quality Management

For quality improvement, it helps to determine a quality policy, to create and implement quality planning and assurance, to control quality in many aspects.

Labor Management

To better plan daily work and processes for better delivery of products and services, this module enables to report labor productivity. To evaluate productivity, it makes use of badge integration, digital signature specified for each labor. It also facilitates shift management.


Setup Procedure

For quality improvement, it helps to determine a quality policy, to create and implement quality planning and assurance, to control quality in many aspects.

Document Management System

This system provides management of digital documents and enables to track, organize and store them.