Meta Smart Factory
Advanced Real-Time Modules

Manufacturing Planning System

Fully functional real time manufacturing planning system on level of separate workstations, including planning scheduling with Gantt diagrams for better experience.

prod planning
real time manuf

Manufacturing Execution System

Fully functional system for managing manufacturing process, including product trees, production orders, job orders, purchase orders and sales orders.

Reports & Analysis System

Advanced analysis, KPI, OEE reports and dashboards for production orders, job orders, workcenters, workstations, machine statuses, sales, cost, employee, stop analysis, power consumption.

reports sys

Warehouse Management

Fully functional system for managing warehouse system, including stock management, warehouse location, report system for warehouses.


Fully functional system for managing predictive, preventive, breakdown and corrective maintenance in factory including spare parts management, stop cause management and maintenance reports.



Fully functional quality control module including income and manufacturing process for quality control, including also report system for Cloud Quality Control.

Batch Management

Fully functional batch management module for controlling material flow in process with batches.

sap int3

SAP & ERP Integration

SAP and any third party ERP systems can be easily integrated to META Smart Factory.

Providing minimum required data to by client is enough to synchronize.

Rest of process is managed by META Smart Factory.