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What is difference between Digitalization and MES?

Shop floor digitalization refers to the broader concept of leveraging digital technologies to transform and optimize shop floor operations, whereas MES specifically refers to the software system designed for managing and controlling manufacturing operations. 

Some examples.

Shop floor digitalization:

  • Installing sensors on machines or IioT to collect real-time data on performance, downtime, and maintenance needs.
  • Implementing RFID or barcode systems for tracking and inventory management.
  • Using IoT devices to monitor environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) to ensure product quality.
  • Deploying digital work instructions and electronic documentation for operators.
  • Utilizing digital dashboards and visual displays for real-time performance monitoring.
  • Adopting automated data collection systems for capturing production data.
  • Implementing robotics and automation for repetitive or labor-intensive tasks.


MES digitalization:

  • Tracking and managing work orders, production schedules, and resource allocation.
  • Collecting data from machines and operators to monitor production progress and performance.
  • Providing real-time visibility into production metrics such as yield, cycle time, and scrap rates.
  • Enforcing quality control measures and managing non-conformance and corrective actions.
  • Facilitating material tracking and inventory management.
  • Generating reports and analytics on production performance and efficiency.
  • Integrating with other systems like ERP for seamless data exchange and synchronization.
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