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Labor Scheduling & Management


Labor Management

MSF Labor management module is managing and optimising the workforce within an organisation. Effective labour management aims to balance the needs of the organisation with the well-being and satisfaction of employees, ultimately leading to improved productivity, higher employee morale, and better organisational performance. Labour scheduling is part of APS (Advanced AI Planning and Scheduling System), but it can work independently from APS and other modules. 
With our cutting-edge AI labor scheduling software, you gain access to a wide range of features designed to simplify and optimize your labor management process. Here are some key features that you can use in labour scheduling:

– Automated Scheduling: No more manual scheduling. Our software automates the entire process, taking into account employee availability, shift preferences, labor skill matrix and ergonomy. It ensures optimal staffing levels, reduces scheduling conflicts, and saves you valuable time.
– Skill Matrix: Matching the right skills to the right shifts/operations/work stations is crucial for maintaining productivity. Our software allows you to input employee skills and individually or groups, ensuring that each shift is staffed with the most qualified individuals. 
– Gantt diagram visualisation: Management can view the labour schedule result on Gantt diagram, with additional information, like allocation%, filtering by: workstation, operator, groups, start/finish time… 
– General group (Defining of groups for labor to work on machines), 
– Shift group (Defining shifts groups (example: group A will work in 1st shift 2 weeks, group B 2nd shift for 2 weeks)), 
– Machine setup (specific workers can only do the setup), 
– Labor shift validation (till when specific group/settings is valid), 
– Assign Dummy Employees to get the needed employee count for planning the capacity, 
– Working Under supervision option, …



By managing their workforce effectively, producers can achieve higher productivity, lower costs and better quality, which can lead to increased profitability and competitive advantage in the market.


Why MSF Labour scheduling software?

– Can communicate with APS in real-time and can respond to crisis-related changes in production
– Reduce of costs, and increase operational efficiency
– Removing of manual workforce scheduling
– Integration with ERP to get Work orders, Workers, skills, …
– Integration to other solutions that provide information which worker came to job
– Data can be stored in MSF application and pushed back to other solutions
– Various settings to fully and correctly set up production environment for scheduling to produce correct result
– Defining different group and sub-group types
– Defining exceptions
– Skill matrix and headcount scheduling
– Can be customized.


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