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Automotive Industry

Metalworking Industry

Oil & Gas Industry

Meta Smart Factory controls complex production lines with its modules. Using MSF MES the production starts from the stage of acceptance raw material from the supplier in automotive industry, continues to all finished automobile.

Having complex line production scenarios, MSF produces real time production data like; current machine, tool, material, and employee capacities and its capacity utilization; real-time production processes; remaining processing time; cycle times; reservation of machinery, tools, materials, and employees; performance data of machines and employees; production planning; quality; maintenance; inventory management.

MSF gives better information about employees, efficient design, production planning, and quality assurance, enabling organizations to respond quickly to changes, improvement of productivity, competitiveness, and creation of strategic advantage.

MSF collects all required production related information by its unique IO card, PLC, ERP which system factory already has. Collected data procures to clearly identify the reasons of production stops, time loss, etc.

MSF solution is economical, accurate and easy to set up on a production line. MSF has capable of providing straightforward connection with switches, all sensors, PLC outputs and other common industrial equipment easily. MSF can catch production data automatically and presented in a simple, understandable way to the operators via panel applications.

MSF has simpler systems for real-time control in its applications. MSF production monitoring system has collection, display, analysis, prognoses and data storage. MSF real time prognosis to the company additional flexibility short term of planning and also it can make also long term planning to forecast future defects and tool life time.

In oil & gas production industry, production process needs continuous in very sophisticated manufacturing management. MSF gives production management automation and information solution with computer integrated conception, propose a fundamental strategy of integrating manufacturing facilities and systems in an enterprise through computers and its peripherals to control the entire production process.

MSF allows using advanced analytics to solve oil & gas manufacturing tasks with data integration and naming systems unification problems unsolved. MSF solution can overcome whole production process management in single MES system. MSF has appropriate framework to give way to oil and gas production management which gives opportunity for oil and gas production process using data mining techniques become at upper levels of production. Thanks to MSF data mining techniques, MSF can solve complex typical industrial analytical problems.

Chemical Industry

Steel Die Casting Industry

HVAC Industry

The chemicals industry needs a high degree of automation, and most plants is monitored standard variables such as temperature, flows, tank levels, and pressures to derive optimal plant working conditions.

MSF is designed to use soft or virtual software sensors can augment these data points with additional information and enable control of nonstandard process variables to improve efficiency. Sensors are set up for neural network–based inferential estimators that can process a number of variables collected through standard instrumentation, estimate new process and equipment parameters and improve operator effectiveness and plant efficiency. MSF uses sensors that can be used in cases where physical instrumentation is expensive or difficult to install.

MSF provides analytics data in chemicals companies which makes products better visibility and interaction for customer operations, and provides real-time recommendations. In order to optimize all production operations MSF gives opportunities to improve their product design.

MSF can be easily integrated to a die-casting company that produces automobile parts. MSF is a best system for casting factories which has known delicate procurement process which effects of casting parameters on quality which is analyzed using data collected from the system.

MSF is suitable for the die-casting environment and data analysis purposes and to utilize it to enable the analysis of data. MSF provides data based on the Internet of things. Among the data collected, casting parameter data is analyzed through a data mining technique to establish a relationship between casting parameters and the quality of production. MSF’s method is to provide systematic implementation to die-casting companies that can be managing casting parameter by-product will be established.

MSF provides real-time production data acquisition and acquisition/analysis which develops and applies to the storage/analysis of vast amounts of data generated in continuous production environments, and they are being applied to quality, production, and facility operations.

For HVAC industry MSF can also be available their needs. Most air conditioners are processed starting out as raw material, in the form of structural steel shapes and sheet steel. As the sheet metal is processed into fabrication cells or work cells, it is cut, formed, punched, drilled, sheared, and/or bent into a useful shape or form. Then at the building line pre-products materials are assembling the air conditioner is a matter of installing the compressor, the inside condenser. Lastly coolant gas is placed in and pipes to the air conditioner is packaged for transportation to a warehouse or clients.

All manual and digital production steps can be digitalized by MSF which is processing starting from receives information on orders, bills of materials, drawings, resource requirements, process plans, work instructions, assembly steps, manufacturing process plans, raw materials, and inventory; it then translates this information into a manufacturing execution plan that reflects current conditions on the plant floor.

Flexible Printed Circuits

Packaging Industry

Food Industry

In PCB procurement, MSF gives best opportunity to overcome bottleneck of production process. Flexible manufacturing entails achieving a similar level of efficiency for manufacturing several different product types as in the mass production of a single product type. But at the production line the production cycle is fixed for receiving inspection, panel preparation, screen paste, paste volume inspection, component placement, solder joint reflow, visual inspection, and X-ray inspection. In all process MSF can give a single, sequential, or if possible, deterministic manufacturing can be applied in process.

MSF can deliver information that enables the optimization of production activities from order launch to finished PCBs. Using current and accurate data, MSF guides, initiates, responds to, and reports on plant activities as they occur.

For packaging companies, the entire automation and supply chain processes are very important in production with utilizing advanced technology systems in production areas, assembly lines, monitoring and control, instrumentation, data management and processing, and machineries. MSF gives best solution production quality, cost, and productivity in packaging.

MSF can help to improve the return on operational assets as well as on-time delivery, inventory turns with performance data. MES solutions can supply this information to these systems and enable them for example, to perform the mapping of customer orders to specific production runs. MSF provides real-time information that can be updated the production scheduler with information regarding the state of the labor force, material quantities and machine downtime.

Food industry produces every product based on the mainly customer demand to be in bit forward in competition in their producers today.

MSF gives the ways to improve productivity in terms of maintaining safety, using sustainable packaging materials, implementing flexible and standardized technology, and adopting proven management principles.

MSF has in the fields of smart packaging and materials including the application of AI and technology, automation and control technology, standards, and their application scenarios, and finally production management principles and their improvements for the food industry.

MSF focuses on individual food scenarios of the processing, packaging, and manufacturing, making them for a more holistic approach to analysis while understanding the scope of the entire operations.

Solar Panel Industry

Kitchen Equipment Industry

MSF MES system is available for solar panel production process. All source of production data necessary to customize MSF MES system like PLC, ERP are collected from digital factory tools. Using unique MSF smart IO cart, MSF retrieves and process all real time machine data in order to use its algorithms for manufacturing plants parameters and making best decision to execution plans. if it is needed system can automatically start and operate process virtually. Having this function makes all production cycles fully intervene availability.

MSF has holistic view of manufacturing operations which is gathered data from several different enterprise sources. Advanced MSF analytics are used to fully understand the performance of the manufacturing processes, quality of products and supply chain optimization. MSF analytics also help to process better kitchen equipment products through identifying inefficiencies based on historical data and allowing corrective or preventive actions to be performed.

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