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Real-Time Modules

Manufacturing Planning System

Manufacturing and Planning System is a MSF scheduling tool for planning and execution of manufacturing orders. Constraints such as technological sequences as well as optimized set-up times and production quantities are also incorporated. MSF Scheduling optimizes machine utilization, provides computer-based rescheduling due in case of changes in priority or others, and clearly displays the process execution. Thus, it ensures on-time and optimized production runs. MSF Manufacturing and Planning System are not only designed for single-part production, but also in serial production using non-interlinked equipment.

MSF Production dashboard shows all Production that can be monitored by way of dynamic real-time systems that collect and process the complete range of production-related data such as quantities, process parameters, and plant and machine status. In case of unacceptable deviations or discrepancies, corrective steps which may include MSF input, are automatically executed. Depending on the degree of automation, data can be directly transferred to subordinate systems or result in appropriate instructions to personnel (for example, setpoint changes, rejections, shutdowns).

MSF Manufacturing and Planning System has capability to use different scenarios for each factory in perspective of operations Production scheduling In multi-variant serial manufacturing, production equipment is usually completely interconnected. Production planning focuses on the entire serial production instead of individual machines. Bottlenecks are identified and resolved only during unit allocation. The cycle time is determined by the production step with the longest duration of stay at a working station. The most important aspect of MSF production scheduling for serial manufacturers is the correct sequencing of different product variants in order to accomplish as even as possible utilization of all working stations.

Manufacturing Execution System

MSF Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution makes machines, materials and products “smart” and connected for having the ability of  Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and Digitalization. 

MSF MES has capabilities for data collection and aggregation, visualization of data, alerts and notifications, integration to enterprise systems, forms, dashboards, collaboration and data analytics.

MSF MES makes the production process more efficient and effective through the discipline it enforces. The system takes the workers to do things the right way. The end results are fewer errors and higher yields. For the manufacturer MSF collects quality data from the production while performing in-process serial registration and enforced routing ensuring quality processes are implemented. MSF gives the knowledge for the production status of every piece in any job order and has all process history data available.

MSF MES acts as a master layer from the bottom-up, meaning from the equipment interfaces and IoT to the layers above. MSF MES collects along the production cycle of bringing the detailed data to the cloud. Then MSF MES acts more strategically to top-down with computed data. It means that data comes from the shop-floor processes that determine whether the company makes a profit or not. MSF MES orchestrates the lower level equipment and devices in alignment with these value-adding processes. Since the ultimate goal of MSF is to guarantee productivity increases, this occurs through processes. Thus, manufacturers achieve consistent quality of products through quality of processes and quick introduction of new products through efficient processes across departments.

Reports & Analysis System

MSF Reports & Analysis System has a process that applies methods and measurement software to get the right information to the managers at the right time. MSF adds structure and discipline to strategic planning and management implementation and strategy execution and helps communicate performance information.

MSF gathers and tracks data on the historic levels and current trends in performance encompasses more than just counting things and capturing data. MSF creates comparisons that make the data meaningful, enabling deeper interpretation and better decisions.

MSF dashboard gives plant managers visualization key manufacturing metrics in an easy way to see inefficiencies in production. If needed with custom production KPI dashboards, actionable insights, MSF can be visualized through interactive charts and graphs that update in real time.

Factory managers are able to visualize production KPIs for each shift in this manufacturing dashboard which is line and bar charts displaying plants on target metrics for each shift. MSF KPIs are organized by shift and dashboard users can drill down to visualize these metrics by product at specific times.

MSF Reports & Analysis System has the most important manufacturing KPIs which is the list below; 

  • Time to schedule PO (SPO)
  • PO Schedule Adherence (MSA)
  • Number of PO Completed on Time (PO COT)
  • Capacity Utilization (CU)
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Down Times (DoT)
  • Setup Time (SeT)
  • Scrap
  • Rework

Warehouse Management System

MSF gives manufacturers transparency in material and manufacturing together. Processes in material and production both need to be well integrated. MSF can do all these material and manufacturing transparency needs. 

MSF Warehouse Management is capable of overseeing all movement of material from planning to production which are needed to buy or make in shop floor, make notification to put in dedicated warehouses, to reserve to job order, transfers in time to machine to job process, then, can collect good parts in pallets or scraps to certain warehouses after production.

With the MSF Warehouse Management module, factories can increase their visibility and gain full control of the factory business processes. MSF integrated Manufacturing & Warehouse supply chain solutions fills the gaps between systems, equipment and workforce of a factory.

MSF gives transparency and planning safely by way of real-time tracking of materials through the entire flow chain in production. It can observe material buffers in operations, so forecast stock level for procurement, real-time updating production and material can be easily seen on the screen with bach, so it can be optimized for transportation or forklift trips.

MSF makes inventory control for production requirements which are minimum and best time for storage and best before expiration. MSF Warehouse Management Module makes order based material movement for the shift. During production MSF uses reorder plan logically algorithms for making assured high efficiency planning success.

Maintenance Management System

When manufacturing companies are giving maintenance responsibility to the operations staff, making them responsible for their own workstation and tools. 

This chain of control and responsibility reduces response times, providing to help an approach of scheduled maintenance and proactive predictive maintenance. MSF Maintenance System module is designed to manage and provide a single interface to production operations with maintenance management functions. MSF gathers the shop floor information about the use of machines data providing use of the maintenance process. This information on the causes of machine stops are used to optimize the planning of maintenance activities and make it as compatible as possible with production activities. 

When the machine stops for break down for maintenance, MSF maintenance module is designed to notify machine status to planners or managers by making use of maintenance notifications by operators. At the same time, having all these information related to scheduled maintenance, MSF is enabling them to take appropriate action to minimize the impact on scheduled maintenance planning activities.

Regarding manufacturing planning activities, maintenance processed data allows the integration of the normal metrics managed by MSF like overall equipment effectiveness and downtime with additional information to provide a more complete and significant perspective on the production processes dynamics. This correlation provides the best action possible to take in a more timely and informed manner regarding the causes of the efficiency loss, thereby making available an valuable return on investment both  plant availability and product quality.

MSF Maintenance System Module consists of key activities to include inspection, notifications, corrective and preventive maintenance, repairs, and other measures in terms of maintaining machines healthy.

MSF Maintenance System Module performs these activities based on equipment master record via  management, to make plan of maintenance tasks, use  workflow notifications and work orders under maintenance order management.

MSF maintenance functions links to other modules starting from steps; notification, creation work order, creation of purchase request for work orders, after purchasing and parts receiving parts issues to Work Orders, approving of planned Work Order, scheduling and releasing Work Order, Work Order Execution and Closing a Work Order. 

As a result of these processes, MSF ensures the health of the machines in order for improving asset uptime with proactive maintenance planning and scheduling, reducing total cost of ownership by avoiding asset breakdowns, enhancing safety and environmental compliance through integrated permit and working clearance features.

Having MSF Maintenance system module gives privileges in competitors taking place inImprove asset uptime with proactive maintenance planning and scheduling

Reduce total cost of ownership by avoiding asset breakdowns

Enhance safety and environmental compliance through integrated permit and work clearance features

Quality Management System

MSF Quality Management (QM) module functions part of the existing supply chain by connecting to materials management, production planning, warehouse management, and other logistics processes.

MSF Quality Management ensures materials in warehouses via inspecting incoming material as it arrives at the facility and in manufacturing operations, where the quality of in-process items are checked during the manufacturing process and finished goods are inspected before they reach the warehouse.

Added values to the enterprise with MSF QM are reducing scrap, waste, warranty claims and rework, having record every single defect and enabling full traceability. And also MSF QM ensures, having elimination of papers, supporting business improvement initiatives to realize the right first time, having improved product quality through reports/analysis and in terms of reducing cost of critical quality issues.

Batch Management System

MSF MES solution is designed to remove paper based reporting solutions and implement an Automated Electronic Batch Record to Full Product Track & Trace Systems.

MSF system is capable of batch to prepare and schedule the batch production, control raw materials and products warehouses, production, to monitor the progress of orders, to control production processes integration with all other MSF modules, to control quality, to create production documentation digitally and it can be monitored of all production easily. 

MSF batch feature simultaneously makes data available for informational analysis and reporting, while helping to protect the integrity of data so that it can be leveraged in regulatory and quality control evaluations.

MSF batch provides higher equipment utilization, increased operational efficiency, improved quality, reduced delays to customers, better and easier historical record in compliance with ISA-88 standard processing. 

MSF solution can help the factory manage recipes and workflows and provide access to critical production information. This helps products make better traceable-informed to their clients.

SAP & ERP Integration

MSF and SAP ERP can work hand-in-hand to integrate a business’s data and processes into one streamlined system. MSF with SAP ERP integration is critical to communicating information within business and with partners with fewer errors and greater speed and security. MSF can be easily integrated with an open source ecosystem, which gives the ability to tightly integrate with SAP ERP solutions and offer many benefits as a result.

MSF and SAP ERP integration means complete automation and real-time networking between production processes and all involved actors, from SAP ERP system all the way to shop floor control level. 

MSF MES solution can gradually network more with innovative, easy to set up cloud apps. MSF is also the basis of a production landscape that can use smart industrial IoT technology to capture and process bulk data. MSF uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to exploit this data and transform it into optimizations.

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