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Advanced Planning System (APS)

MSF APS is working in the production environment to observe and plan production changes in real-time like machine status and material details. MSF APS consists of three functions: Real-Time Production MonitoringProduction Auto-Schedule, and Labor Auto-Schedule Functions.. See more

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

MSF MES has fully integrated into any machine that collects and analyzes all production data with a smart IO card in real-time. The converted and calculated data are shown on Panel PC nearby employee. Smart IO card is capable of any analog or digital sensors data to collect. See more

Business Intelligence (BI) Analytic KPI

MSF BI and analytic KPI reporting solution collects data and refines it to make it easy to observe trends and changes proactively. The form of visual charts and performance indicators can be seen in real-time in order to use the best decision-making process. See more

Smart Warehouse

MSF smart warehousing functions centrally all stocks with AI and Big Data . MSF Smart Warehouse gives manufacturers transparency in material and manufacturing together. Processes in material and production both need to be well integrated. MSF can do all these material and manufacturing transparency needs.. See more

Labor Management

MSF has the labor-management function that manages employees dynamically and flexibly in real-time using hidden capacity. it provides assigning job orders to workstations optimally and planning instant production status changes. The algorithm is deciding the number of employees for the related jobs, automatically to reach maximum capacity. See more

Quality Management

By MSF Quality Management, enterprises have real-time visibility into quality and eliminate the time entering redundant data and logging in and out of disparate systems. It can make reducing scrap, waste, and rework, record every single defect, and enables full traceability. See more

Maintenance Management

The MSF Maintenance module provides uninterrupted production operations to the calendar in production planning so that production operations are evaluated together. The real-time data from the shop floor are used for predictive and preventive maintenance plans/operations. Downtime reasons are also reported in real-time along with the reasons. See more

How to make your factory get better with

MSF MES and APS in 90 days?

  • Customer Analysis

Analyzing all production processes on the shop floor and departments.

  • Get real requirement

Finding real requirements on how to make the learning process.

  • Understand team spirit

Understanding between departments and shopfloor.

  • Understand process better

Learning production process detailly

  • Generate strategic roadmap

Project management approach, a timeline created

  • Evaluate current OEE performance

Using MSF key factors to evaluate existing OEE performance

  • Evaluate technological infrastructure

What is the needed hardware and software to be installed?

  • Digitalization

Setting up data communication between all departments and shopfloor

  • ERP integration

Setting up the integration of existing ERP

  • Managing process

Managing integration and testing to make sure working properly

  • Eliminating bottlenecks

solving bottlenecks to better production via test results

  • Improving performance

Providing improved performance

  • Minimizing waste and loses

Providing minimized waste and loses

  • Calculation of ROI

Making calculations before/after the performance

  • Optimizing process

Checking and re-adjusting to optimize of the process

  • Value added activation

Activation of added value MSF functions

  • Applying lean principles

Applying process based on lean principles

  • Continues improvement

Checking all processes to make sure continuous improvement

  • Implementing Big-Data Analytics

Providing implementation calculation of Big-Data Analytics

  • Developing new business models

Developing competitive models to better production

Upgrading to Smart Factory Process

Advanced Planning System

All data is retrieved from the system and updated in the system. There are no Manuel inputs with a human touch.  See more

Digitalization and Digital Strategy

Connection of all assets in a production environment to gather as much information as possible in real-time.. See more

Smart Warehouse using Artificial Intelligence-AI and Big Data

Warehousing centrally all stocks in production workstations and goods movement transfer operations with AI and Big Data .. See more

Analytics report and Business Intelligence-BI

MSF virtually creates a digital copy of the real assets of the factory and shows all processes, machines, and devices on reports Business Intelligence (BI) and KPIs. See more

How does Meta Smart Factory Work?

The Aim of META Smart Factory

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