Mechanism of Meta Smart Factory

Manual Production Order
Labor manually starts the production by giving production order from Meta industrial panel.
Production Line
While machine working, the data is collected by Meta industrial panel and analyzed using the techniques of Power Analysis. In this process, production cycle counts are detected. If any emergency and failure occurred, this is detected. If there is an anomaly about power consumption, it is detected. In the negative cases, the panel sends an alert for maintenance.
Real Time Access
Meta Industrial Panel instantly displays indicators of Job Order Status Production Quantity Employee Status Machine Status Power Consumption Working Time Stop Times with Reasons Anomaly Detection It can also be accessed remotely to Meta industrial panel using any Internet connection.
Access From Anywhere (IoT)
Using local computer in the workstation or remote computer at home, even mobile phone anywhere, anytime, Meta Web Application enables to monitor and manage all entire production process by planning Job Orders, Sales Orders, Stocks, Warehouses, Workstations, etc.
Using cloud technology, data coming from machines via Meta industrial panel is collected in clouds. All collected big data is analyzed using the techniques of Data Warehousing and Machine Learning. The results of big data analysis come up with meaningful visualization. All this visualization forms a report according to predefined concepts. The reports of big data analysis are:
  • Workstation Report
  • OEE Report
  • Job Report
  • Employee Report
  • Stops Report
  • Power Consumption Report