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ERP Integration Module

MSF Smart Warehouse Inventory Management gives manufacturers transparency in material and manufacturing together. Processes in material and production both need to be well integrated. MSF can do all these material and manufacturing transparency needs. MSF Smart warehousing is enabled with several automated and interconnected technologies. These technologies work together to increase the productivity and efficiency of the warehouse, minimizing the number of human workers while decreasing errors.

In manual warehouses, employees can be seen walking around with lists, picking products, loading them into carts and then delivering them, but in MSF smart warehousing, orders are received automatically, after which the system confirms if the products are in stock. The pick-up lists are then sent to forklift that place the ordered products to deliver them to workers for the next step.

MSF Smart Warehouse system is the result of the various interconnected technologies working together. They form a technological ecosystem where goods are received and shipment automatically. MSF smart warehouse solution automates almost the entire operation, from purchasing to sale customers, with minimal errors.

MSF Smart Warehouse has agile, scalability and data visibility capability of overseeing all movement of material from planning to production which are needed to buy or make in shop floor, make notification to put in dedicated warehouses, to reserve to job order, transfers in time to machine to job process, then, can collect good parts in pallets or scraps to certain warehouses after production, thanks to work with sales systems and other warehousing functionalities.

MSF gives transparency and planning safely by way of real-time tracking of materials through the entire flow chain in production. It can observe material buffers in operations, so forecast stock level for procurement, real-time updating production and material can be easily seen on the screen with Bach, so it can be optimized for transportation or forklift trips.

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