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Digitalization and Digital Strategy

Industry 4.0 is used as a term that expresses the fourth industrial revolution and many new technologies are operated together. Powered by data and analytics, these new technologies aim to do better in production, mainly by interconnecting them, automating them, and using machine learning algorithms.

By transforming the collected data into usable information, it means reducing the cost and risk. This results in an increase in competitiveness in the market, along with an increase in product quality.

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors allows real-time monitoring of the performance of production machines and workers on the shop floor. In addition to these, the monitoring of material transfers, which is the other part of the production, using new technologies, increases the value of the collected data once again. The analytical calculations are used to make the collected data valuable once again. Thus, the targeted result of digitalization that will benefit is achieved.

The Digital Strategy is a plan that uses digital capabilities for factories to increase efficiency and achieve their highest goals of production and profit. Since expertise and experience are required to achieve this, digitizing the right areas and planning them with expertise will enable the company to reach its goals as soon as possible.

For example, MSF expertise has ample experience in identifying and implementing an appropriate digital strategy. What is important here is that all units in the relevant company management are equally willing, constructive, and determined to implement the areas to be determined and the expected benefit.

During the implementation of the digital strategy, the enthusiasm and constructiveness of all employees and managers in taking the necessary constructive steps in the determined steps will contribute to the results of the project in a short time.

Transparency and visibility in all areas of production only depend on digitalization. For this reason, revealing effective but dark regions of production and including them in production provides essential contributions to the correct production planning. In fact, it should not be forgotten that since digitalization enables these dark areas to be revealed, it has a positive effect as well as difficulties in owning it by employees. Providing the necessary motivation within the organization by the management would also increase the success of the digital strategy.

Digitization is a key to a change in production from the bottom up to the top management. Digital strategy, as the way to implement the right steps determined in this direction, stands as an indispensable phenomenon that must be acquired early or late in the competitive environment of our age.

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