Meta Smart Factory

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Metal Automotive Parts Industry

Fully functional customized MES and APS systems for complex production to run in real-time with minimum user inputs. Full IFS ERP integration, full Advanced KPI and Business Intelligence reports. 

Injection Moulding Industry

MES and APS solution for plastic production, barcode & batch code traceability, tool planning, capacity planning, multiple department scheduling…


Machining and Tooling Industry

MES solution has to be customized to the specific needs of each company. On the other hand, this needs to be reflected to common logic and language for communication of data architecture in different hardware and software.

Glass Industry

Advanced planning and Labor scheduling for increasing productivity in glass factories

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Beverage Bottling Industry

Continuous line production, Forecast demand, Optimizing Production Sequences, Resource Allocation

Wood Processing Industry

In today’s competitive environment, increasing productivity and speeding up manufacturing is one of the key challenges for continuous processes.

Steel Die Casting Industry

With the technical development steps outlined in the section below, it will be possible to operate the manufacturing processes with better material traceability

Metal Working Industries

Productivity in the factory is very much related to the maximum utilization of machine capacity. Factories need to see how any machine efficiently runs without hidden capacity.

Food Processing Industry

Scheduling problems in production have become a mutual issue for many manufacturers today.

90-Day Integration Process of Meta Smart Factory

The MSF approach is mainly about solving production bottlenecks and getting the best result by using the best solution to ensure the best possible products in the production process. Let’s see how the Meta Smart Factory integration process is completed in 90 days…