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Case Studies – 90 Day Integration

How To Get Opportunities In 90 Days within MSF Industry 4.0?

The MSF principally targets finding production bottlenecks by using the best solution approaches in production process to get the best productivity result.

The MSF is highly flexible in finding scenarios provides best solution to production problems of its potential customers.

First of all, some question is asked to the customer to understand problem areas of the production process and the factory’s intention.

MSF works 2 to 4 weeks to make the best scenario for solving problems and to create a simulation demo to present to customer decision makers if the solution can solve production process problems. The scenario prepared is run as a demo and presented to the customer and after accepting the step forward, MSF starts to prepare design of integration.

Secondly, depending on the needs of the customer, MSF steps the implementation phase, which can take 1 month for integration and 2-6 months for MSF modules, depending on the Planning & Scheduling (2-3 months), Warehouse Management (2-3 months) options.

MSF then installs the hardware and software real implementation to start the Implementation Phase for the 90-day use MSF system daily. Before starting this period, all production KPI data is copied for comparation. During this period, MSF is in the contact with customer as much as possible for best integration and best resolution. If necessary, usage feedback or integration problems are resolved by the parties.

At the end of the 90-day implementation period, the customer can see what the difference is between the productivity starting point and the MSF solution. MSF does not need to invest extra in the factory environment, retrieves all the data with its hardware, is processed on the web cloud and displays it in real-time reports. Thus, decision makers can enlighten how to get real productivity figures that will be the best and affordable at a given time.

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